Who is the Urban Network

After 10 years in the workforce development, nonprofit, and economic development industries, Walter Simmons founded the Urban Network to improve the outcomes of local economies and young professionals.  In each experience and industry Walter saw growth and success, but he also saw missed opportunities and people being left behind.  Maximizing potential and ensuring everyone is provided an opportunity to succeed became his passion. To pursue this passion as a life mission, the Urban Network was founded.

The Urban Network is home to a group of diverse, experienced and well educated consultants who are dedicated to ensuring positive futures for everyone. The Urban Network provides one-on-one consulting to government entities, businesses, and individuals who want to improve their outcomes with customized strategies designed to leverage, enhance, and maximize their potential.

We share our passion by helping others through our Urban Network Foundation, and regional events held throughout the DC Metropolitan Area. Join us for an upcoming event as we ENGAGE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER!